Luxus-Apartments in Galtür, Ischgl, Tirol


Events in Galtür

Please check out the Galtür website for the following major events which take place each year and bring back followers from all over the world.

5 July:  the Culinary Jakobsweg or St Jacob’s Way brings walkers, bikers and food enthusiasts from all the world to enjoy international delights from leading chefs in a traditional Tirolean atmosphere.

17 July:  the Silvratterun 3000 offers three different routes of different lengths and difficulty. All for a good cause too.

22 August:  walkers and families from all the world get together to take place in the Silvretta-Ferwall walk and then celebrate with a large Zeltfest in the village.

29 August:  this is market day event to celebrate some of the finest cheese makers and their products. Cheese making talks and cooking demonstartions and lots of cheese eating!

30 August:  the crowning event of the culinary Jakobsweg is the mountain hut party on Sunday at the Friedrichshafener Hütte.  Come and sample regional-based dishes from international chefs from Germany, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

26 September:  the International Alpine Cheese Olympics come to Galtür with an expected 3,000 guests and over 100 cheese producers from Austria, Germany, South Tyrol and Switzerland.